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July 2, 2013
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Hetalia OCs stamp - ACCURATE! by TerracottaVulture Hetalia OCs stamp - ACCURATE! by TerracottaVulture

FREE to use

Some little stamp I wanted to do for long time now

you just walk around DA and it's full of OCs....sadly, many of the Hetalia OCs you see aren't really accurate or at all!

I don't want to point out some of the characters I'm thinking about atm, but it's REALLY easy to know that it is a BAD HETALIA OC when you see one .-.

I mean, traits like:
"she was rapped by France"
"he/she dates liek...3 canon characters just because"
"she/he has weird hair and eye color"
"looks like any of the canon characters"


you see this->[link]
"name: alice rose
age: 17
place: india
gender: female
hair color: gorgous purple
eye color: they r both green and red
personality: shes a REALLLLLY good cook and she really loves to make spicy foods. she is really kind and nice and stuff, and she is also really beauitful. this makes most guys fall in love with her though. right now she is dating the italy brothers, but germany, france, england, and america are also in love with her. but she can also be really mean to people if she wants to and can kick ppls butts. oh and she is a devil neko too.
likes: boys, food, hell, italy brothers, cute stuff, pretty clothes.
dislikes: mean ppl, russia, not having food, ugly ppl.

she is really kawaii isnt she!?"

THAT is sad .-. everyone who goes there comments "are you a troll?" "plz, tell me this is a joke" "this is insulting" and yes, it is!
I even left a comment there!

was it convincing?

Put your Ocs to the test:

Basic Character
[ ] Represents a country that already exists in canon (+10)
[ ] Represents a city, state, or a non-country (+10)
Is the country one of the following?
[ ] Antarctica (+4)
[ ] Czech Republic (+3)
[ ] Mexico (+3)
[ ] Greenland (+3)
Is/Does the country
[ ] Speak a language non-native (for example, Czech Republic speaking Chinese I don't know) (+5)
[ ] Older than they appear? (China is 4,000 years old but he looks like he's in his 20's.) (+2)
[ ] Does the character have blonde hair? (+3)
[ ] And blue eyes? (+2)
[ ] Does your country have a color of skin or hair that is not part of the majority of the population? (+10)
[ ] Is your character albino? (+20 and you should really do some research because albinos are REALLY rare)
[ ] Does your character have unnatural colored hair/highlights? (+5)
Does your character resemble
[ ] America (+8) 
[ ] England (+5)
[ ] Germany/P
& The Hetalia Mary Sue TestAs a Hetalia and anime fan in general I'm sick of seeing OCs that constantly ride the fail whale, aka having people dish out Mary Sue characters. So, here's a quiz that will test to see if you're Hetalia OC is a Mary Sue. Add the number of points to your score if you answer yes to any of the following.

Area 1, Name:

Is the character named after you? [10] *Still counts if it's your nickname*

Is your character's name a name you would like to have? [5]

Would you name your future child this name? [4]

Does the name not belong to the nation's culture? [15]

Is the name unusually long? [2]

Does the name sound Mary Sueish? [10] * IE does the na

these are tests you can easily find on DA just by typing Hetalia Mary-Sue u.u

also by ~SuperheroMonkey, now =ohmyglub

also, check this groups :iconsanehetaliafans: :iconaccurate-hetalia-ocs:
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ask-neko-confederacy Featured By Owner May 6, 2014
((PREACH IT. I LOVE YOU. ALso, I now have a stamp to slap on his profile page XD))
TerracottaVulture Featured By Owner May 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Welcome xD
xXMsHeroXx Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I have about 4-5 OC's (Most people I know create like 14)
the reason?
I took time to make them have true personalities and a fucking back story
I look at stuff like your example and it gets me angry.
I've took time to tweak and perfect my characters such as Felecia, I also don't just give them different eye colors or crazy neon colors unless it's their thing,
literally my character Felecia just wears a red shirt and shorts most of the time (I have other outfits for her but their not like main protagonist or flashy like)
Another thing that bugs me is that People think (especially in roleplays) that their character is like the main character and every other person should always support them when it's a Joint effort, that's why I leave Rps so often is because of those characters.
DebbyDingo Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I feel like a hypocrite-
I tried making an Algeria OC, but I can't draw very well so he came out wrong :'L
TerracottaVulture Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I couldn't draw humans when I created my first Hetalia OC, but that doesn't make it a bad OC
DebbyDingo Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really ? ;u; It's just that- he's meant to have short hair, but I suck at it so bad, that he has this somewhat long emo hair style.... ;-; life.
TerracottaVulture Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
yeah, even if you can't draw it you can always describe it and have image references.
DebbyDingo Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sometimes I'm too lazy to type that up... xD but if someone asks me, I guess I would say :l
TerracottaVulture Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Why? you think I'm not lazy?! xD Procrastination is my philosophy of life!
I have my older APH Ocs for 2 years now and I only bothered myself to get a nice description for her this summer you just need something like this u.u
DebbyDingo Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Oh, wow....

Do you mind if I copy+paste all this and just edit the information (You know, I just need the heading text)?

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